Our alliance

Alternative Care Initiatives (ACI)

A registered national NGO in Uganda, established in 2013 to support the Government of Uganda and other partners to implement the National Alternative Care Framework. ACI partners with the Ugandan Government to co-ordinate the national Alternative Care Implementation Unit that monitors and regulates child care service providers across the country.

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AVSI Foundation

A non-profit NGO working in 30 countries throughout the world. AVSI Rwanda involves families and communities to empower themselves and become protagonists of their own destiny by working to improve the capacities of the communities, schools, educators and families who help children discover their inherent potential.

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Community for Children’s Rights (CCR)

Is a social enterprise in Tanzania that addresses violence by enabling people to do the right thing. CCR builds a critical mass of individuals, supporting them with the resources to take action to protect children. We support Local Government Authorities to engage in citizen-led planning and monitoring of services for children.

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Child’s i Foundation (CiF)

In Uganda, more than 50,000 children are growing up in orphanages. Nearly all have family. Orphanages make orphans out of children. Every day, families are forced to give up children in the promise of a better life. Children lose their childhoods and their life chances.

Child’s i Foundation helps children return to families by rebuilding family support systems. We work with partners to create foster care networks that keep children out of orphanages. We help repurpose orphanages into services that meet local needs: preventing family separation, reuniting families or placing children with safe adoptive parents. We work with the Government to build the capacity of a national social workforce across Uganda, and help a nation reimagine the care of its most vulnerable citizens.

At Child’s i Foundation we make families, not orphans.

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Child in Family Focus, Kenya (CFF)

Is a registered NGO championing family based care for orphaned and vulnerable children. CFF works with like-minded stakeholders and Government to reduce reliance on institutional care by leading coherent care reform that prioritises prevention of separation of children from their families and strengthening alternative family care
for children.

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Give a Child a Family (GCF)

Is a Child Protection Organization working in countries across Africa. GCF take a holistic approach, making the child the center of the programs. We provide services to children and families at risk: temporary safe care, child protection services and development and training that builds capacity in other organizations.

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Hope and Homes for Children

Is an international organisation working in partnership with governments and partner NGOs, across 4 continents, to catalyse the eradication of institutional care of children. We work to consolidate political will for reform, to develop the know-how on the transition from institutional care to family and community based care. We build the capacity of the social workforce to support families and children and we help governments to secure funding for transition.

Children in orphanages and those at risk of separation are at the heart of everything we do. Their transition into families and alternative family care is helping us to assist partner Governments to design robust child protection and care systems, effective in preventing children’s separation and providing suitable alternative care for children who need that. Our national teams from Rwanda, Sudan and South Africa are part of the
Transform Alliance.

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Is a non-profit NGO and an implementing partner of the Government of Ghana’s National Plan of Action for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. OAfrica works in partnership with the government to provide awareness and training on issues surrounding institutionalisation of children; co-founding and supporting the Care Reform Initiative.

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Partnership for Family Strengthening

Is a Christian non-governmental organization based in Ghana and established to ensure the prevention of family breakdown.  The organization works to establish mentoring programs especially in deprived public schools and thus provide a safety net for the most vulnerable and at-risk youngsters, it supports individuals, organizations, networks and governments in establishing Child Care Systems that provide sound and cost-effective Family Breakdown prevention solutions and  engages Civil Society organizations, especially FBOs, to ensure that an effective child care system is implemented across Ghana, and the world at large.

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Is a non-profit NGO Community Based Organization based in Sudan. The organization cares for abandoned, and unaccompanied children. We are working to end institutional care by providing family based care solutions to children without parental care.

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The Ubumwe Community Center

Is a local organization based in Rwanda, set up to help persons with disability find their abilities, we are now becoming an inclusive community through our pre-school and primary school, and Community Based Living program for children and young adults with severe disability who used to live in Noel orphanage, now closed.

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